Rosen Dealer Splashscreen Tool

1. Select the background for your custom dealer splashscreen.

2. Enter up to 2 lines of text. Adjust text format and color.

Text line 1: Text line 2: Italic
Select Color:


3. Preview
Press the preview button to review your custom dealer splashscreen. You can make further changes, then press the Preview button again to update.

4. Download your final files.
Once you are satisfied with the results, click both the download image and download file buttons. You will be prompted to download two (x2) files named [Logoup.bmp] and [sysupdat.ini].

You should save these files onto a blank microSD card which you will later insert into the unit to update the splashscreen.

If you do not have a microSD card available at the moment or are not saving directly to your microSD card, you should check the (x) Compress file checkbox above and a single .zip file named [] containing both files will be downloaded. You can then extract and copy these files to your microSD card later.

Note: If you are not prompted for a download location, files will be saved to your browsers default save files location.

5. Update your splashscreen on your Rosen Piranha Navigation System unit.
To update the splashscreen, insert the prepared microSD card into the SD slot located either on the front of the unit or side if it has a removable frame.

Then cycle ACC. During startup a message will appear on screen, and continue to boot as normal. Once the unit has re-booted remove the microSD card.

Test to see if the new splashscreen has been updated correctly by cycling ACC once again.


Any questions contact Rosen customer support for further assistance.


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